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"Entangled In Blue" - Sarah Hummell

Episode Summary

As Domestic Violence Awareness Month came to a close in October, it's crucial to remember that the battle against domestic violence continues year-round. In a significant development, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is poised to enact regulations that could potentially ease the path to safety for survivors seeking to break free from abusive situations. You can read more about that HERE. In the midst of this ongoing struggle, author Sarah Hummell has emerged with a powerful debut book titled "Entangled In Blue." Sarah courageously shares her personal journey through the aftermath of a life-altering revelation. Her story not only provides a window into her own experiences but also offers invaluable insights into identifying the warning signs of an abusive personality. Most importantly, it serves as a guide on how to escape the perilous web of abuse before it escalates into violence. Sarah Hummell, a mother of two and a seasoned Manhattan-based Hospitality Consultant, not only narrates her story of survival but also endeavors to raise awareness about the behavior patterns and red flags associated with abusive individuals. "Entangled In Blue" is a testament to the power of resilience and serves as both a cautionary tale and a source of empowerment for those who may find themselves ensnared in similar circumstances. To delve deeper into Sarah's remarkable journey and her mission to draw attention to this critical issue, we invite you to explore her website at https://www.entangledinblue.com/. In the ongoing fight against domestic violence, Sarah Hummell's "Entangled In Blue" stands as a beacon of hope, offering both inspiration and guidance to survivors and advocates alike. You can also watch her most recent interview with Fox 19 Now at the link below.

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we invite you to explore her website at https://www.entangledinblue.com