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Dr. Marilyn Carroll - PROFESSIONAL FREEDOM "In the Midst of CHAOS"

Episode Summary

Atlanta life coach, Dr. Marilyn Carroll, is a practicing manager, researcher, and part-time college professor. She combines the three with current research and theory to conduct talks, studies, workshops, professional development strategies, and feedback to build and deliver innovative flexible practices that are persistent and cost effective for those using her services. Dr. Carroll’s practical knowledge as a career counselor in Atlanta includes over 20 years of management practice working with high school, college, and working adults as a manager, mentor, and or coach. Her passion in working in the service of helping people succeed and be the best they can be helped to drive her desire to further her education and obtain a PhD in organization and management with a specialty in leadership. This strategic move helped Dr. Carroll to acquire additional knowledge and expertise in helping individuals build positive views of self, increase self-efficacy, become more resilient, hopeful, and optimistic through the use of their talent, skills, abilities, experiences, values, education and life preferences for the best self possible.

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