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Close Encounters of the 5th Kind - Martin Keller

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THE SPACE PEN CLUB – NON FICTION A Timely & True Account about Close Encounters and Public UFO/UAP Disclosure Book Summary The Space Pen Club is written as much – or even more so -- for those who don’t know anything about this perplexing subject. From Close Encounters of the 5th Kind in unusual geographical locations to high strangeness episodes in his own home, Martin Keller’s multi-layered memoir about this cluttered Cosmic Highway ultimately, but not surprisingly, captures the most dangerously alienated and magnificent outliers in the known universe confronting its place in the cosmos —humanity itself. At last, the world is hopefully witnessing the Big Thaw about the UFO/UAP subject in mainstream media, the military and in government. The Space Pen Club – a timely historical, cultural and personal memoir – takes readers on a compelling insider’s journey that provides fresh insights into how we got to this point. And where we might go from here. Even before former journalist and current public relations professional, Martin Keller, fell into the "UFO ghetto" as director of PR for the highly controversial Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) and its world-renowned founder, Dr. Steven Greer, MD, he experienced a barrage of seemingly inexplicable paranormal events inside his home - and head. https://www.thespacepenclub.com/book “Martin Keller lays out an entirely convincing and gripping account of his own eye-witnessed and continually credible events as an experiencer and his subsequent pursuits for truth and understanding while ultimately surviving travels through the 'UFO Ghetto.’ It is a ghetto indeed if only because mainstream science, the very body of practitioners who should be taking this subject seriously, have relegated the work of Dr. Steven Greer and CSETI and the entire content of the leading researchers and writers on the subject to some junkyard of outlandish fantasy. This comprehensive journey into the nature of how the inquiry into these matters can obsess one is packed with deep sound witness testimonies, lots of history, classic sightings, lore and a realistic view of the preachers in the skeptic church. It makes for a great bibliography! The Space Pen Club is also an essential read for anyone interested in getting to the truth about one of the greatest mysteries and enigmas in our existence. Who owns these hyper-advanced off world aerodynamic platforms? Who controls their obviously intelligent non-human operators? And if these things are known to anyone, why can't the technology be shared NOW? The mechanisms and fuel sources in these crafts could help save our planet and provide basic needs for millions - power, clean water and climate temperance.” - Dan Aykroyd Legendary Season 1 SNL cast member, Blues Brother, producer and writer with a lifelong interest in all things psi, paranormal and saucerlogical.

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