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Building A Better Music Industry - Carl Hitchborn -AKA The Baker

Episode Summary

Carl Hitchborn AKA ‘The Baker', CEO And Co Founder of Escape Ark, is excited to announce his mission to build the biggest and fairest music company in the world and in the process, create a brand new music industry where artists don't just survive, they thrive. As an entrepreneur, innovator and self-described disruptor, Carl said he is devoted to challenging the status quo and bypassing the gatekeepers. Carl believes that everybody is an artist because fundamentally, every person is capable of having an idea and finding a way to manifest that idea into reality and this is exactly why the overarching vision for Escape Ark is to "solve the world's problems through art." So, what is Carl's story and how did he get involved in the music industry? More than a decade ago, Carl was an artisan baker in the UK. This was his craft and his art. He had big ambitions, however, he also had restrictions. He ran a bakery business with his family who did not share his limitless and global ambitions. So with no prior knowledge, experience or connections, he decided to embark in a completely new direction and entered the music industry. He did this because music is truly global. It touches and connects with everybody. In one way or another people all over the world are consuming music on a daily basis and with that in mind, he decided that if he could truly impact the music industry, it would subsequently impact the world in its entirety in a positive way. "I spent years learning about the music industry, discovering how broken it was and deciding I was not prepared to operate in the same way," Carl said. He set about creating a new way and proved it to work by taking UK alternative rock band "The Hunna" from obscurity to selling 10,000 tickets in London. He did this in less than 2 years from their first ever headline show - selling 60,000 albums in the UK and generating 150m plus streams in the process. It was all achieved without conforming to traditional music industry norms and in a way that was both replicable and scalable. "I feel that the current music industry is broken in many ways. Therefore, the only way is to create a brand new one designed from the ground up and in a way that makes sense for the world that we live in today," Carl said. "The major label deal structure has so many things that make little logical sense from a fundamental business perspective. It's a model that has worked very well for the minority, but not so well for the majority of artists." "At Escape Ark, our sole objective is to solve the world's problems through art and ultimately create a better world for everyone on earth. The model is designed to truly empower artists to create the best possible art, connect with an audience and as mentioned above, make the biggest possible impact in the world," Carl said. "In the brand new music industry, tens of thousands more artists across the globe will be able to achieve sustainability in their artist businesses, unlike the small fraction of artists who are generating the majority of the income in the traditional system. This will be achieved through a combination of education, support, mentorship and transparency in the way in which artists and people who work with artists can build sustainable businesses. We will be publishing all of our contractual frameworks and blueprints to the public so that the default model can be adopted at scale across the world."

Episode Notes

To learn more about Carl's vision, his goals for the future and why he is referred to by many as ‘The Baker', please check out https://www.thebakersays.com/

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