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Brent Michael Phillips on Movement Feedback Holography

Episode Summary

Brent Michael Phillips on Movement Feedback Holography How roller-blading at the beach opened an extraordinary new window on healing! The Mysterious Way Your Movements Reveal Your Subconscious Mythologies—Which Hold the Key to More Health, Wealth, and Love And How These Can Be Reprogrammed Through Directed Movement With just a few minutes of movement you can clear hundreds or thousands of subconscious blocks—all at once! Brent Michael Phillips-- who had already achieved international renown as an engineer-turned-energy-healer after healing his own body from a catastrophic collapse--was suffering a serious personal setback after a relationship and financial perfect storm. Seeking support as he weathered his “dark night of the soul”, it was literally the day after he declared bankruptcy that Brent met a new spiritual teacher, who directed him to roller-blade at the beach while being videotaped. But the strangest part was yet to come! While sitting in the car, the teacher pointed out the energetic patterns and subconscious mythologies that showed up in Brent’s movement—the ones that were contributing to the financial misery he was experiencing! But that’s all they did that day…the teacher did further—he just provided the awareness. At first, Brent was skeptical and disappointed. Then, in his words: ”But nearly immediately I saw mind-blowing results from the session: I went from being broke, desperate, and worrying about ending up homeless…to just two days later, I made over $12,000 in one day and saw my business and income literally explode overnight!“ And for a former engineer, the instinct to de-construct this was irresistible! When it became clear what was happening and how it worked, Movement Feedback Holography became a critical part of Brent’s therapeutic energetic toolkit. Movement Feedback Holography is an alternative technology to subconscious digging to clear deeply embedded subconscious blocks and trauma. Says Brent: “It’s hard to emphasize how surprisingly powerful movement can be: with just a few minutes of movement you can clear hundreds or thousands of subconscious blocks—all at once!” Movement Feedback Holography provides instant biological and psychological feedback without waiting for tests or searching for deeply hidden trauma triggers—including pre-natal or blocked-out trauma experiences. Brent has even worked with children on the autism spectrum to change destructive behavior patterns and transform their lives for the better. The holographic nature of the Universe means you can look at someone doing movements and read the subconscious energy pattern because the essential underlying principle is “How You do Anything is How You Do Everything.” With intuitive knowledge and consistent practice, Brent discerned how certain movements could erase those long held energetic roadblocks, and he can reveal a few of these to your audience. You can learn more about Brent, his remarkable, seemingly miraculous work and his several internationally bestselling books at www.AwakeningDynamics.com If you’d like to have Brent Michael Phillips on your show to enlighten your audience about the powerful information hidden in their movements, please send an email with the name of the show, your contact information, a proposed date and time, and the calling details. Interviews to begin Jan. 2.

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