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Author and Filmmaker Justin DiPego - Wrong Side Of A Working Man

Episode Summary

Wrong side Of A Working Man is a ground-breaking modern-day adult illustrated fantasy novel set in the contemporary world, in which Alex Cides wakes to find his wife has disappeared, his daughters fear him, and a mysterious curse has thrown him out of balance with the universe. Set in the underbelly of Los Angeles, Alex discovers that ten challenging tasks stand between him and a new start, or total destruction. This modern-day mythic tale was written by author, filmmaker, and artist, Justin DiPego. A Los Angeles native, DiPego is the founder of DiPego Now Entertainment. DIYer, YouTuber and escapee from the corporate world, Justin DiPego needed a change in his life. The plan: buy a Craftsman style house, restore it to its original condition, record the adventure on video. But a century of secrets are hidden behind the fresh paint and modern additions. Peeling back the layers might expose more than aging architecture. And he might not see it till it’s too late. One man – One camera – One hundred year old house.

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