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Andrew J. Schatkin - Christian Conservative

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Andrew J. Schatkin is presently a business and educational consultant, writer, speaker, teacher, and founder of the Schatkin Show. He has written 2 legal treatises, Select Legal Topics, a 650-page legal treatise, and Select Legal Topics, Vol. 2. We discuss, socialism, communism, capitalism,abortion, euthanasia, suicide, and much more.

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Andrew J. Schatkin - Christian Conservative


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Houston Asia, the moral equivalent of abortion. We'll talk about that and more on this episode of the Mind Dog TV podcast. Shows. My facing yet another episode of the Mind Dog TV podcast I'm Matt Napa thanks for coming. It's great to have you here my sponsors today Oh. audiobook now, DOT COM audiobook. Now Dot com you know all about it it's a very convenient thing in today's Day and age when a lot of people do not have necessarily the time or quiet space to sit down and read a book and focus on reading and you know I encourage reading whenever you can, but audiobooks serves as a huge convenience for. Those times when you can't actually find that quiet time wartime to to sit down and read a book so you can take it on your portable device and take it with you wherever you go. So they are sponsors today the the fifty percent off your first order food part has expired. We're not running that anymore, but there is still a seven day free trials of. The link in description, you can sign up for seven days try it again or your books. Now, DOT COM is the least expensive audio books service on the web. So you're not gonNA find a better price point anywhere on the web for audio books and with a seven day free trial. You can try it for seven days absolutely free listened to many books as you can cram into seven days. If you're not happy was it just cancel and you get charged nothing it's. A, great deal So please patronized our sponsors and we appreciate it a people who listen to this program on a regular basis or even once in a while probably understand where my politics and face are I consider myself a conservative form, an old school conservative which is not necessarily aligned with what people have what passes for Conservative today conservatism I think a lot of it today people lost focus of the conservative buys that helpful. So long it's the whole. Like honoring the constitution keeping it. Changes are constituted slow and Rather, than no knee jerk reactions and things like that and on a lot of the issues I still hold conservative of beliefs. I have moderated a little bit. In, the last four years just because of the the divisive nature of where the the gop stands on conservative especially when it comes to big moment I I been small government Guy as smaller government in the Shia keep it to your hometown on the better off you're in the federal government gets too big. That's when in my view we we tend to lose a lot of our way giving too much control to this big entity that really is not part of the communities we live in. So I like to keep my government small closer poem. That's in my I know my audience is quite diverse. We have a lot of what I would call for aggressives leftists in the crowd and we hear from them quite often today MMA gassed is A. Legal, mind an author. Our author of several books is also a lawyer and he's also a Christian and So he's got a lot of the perspective that. I hold Dear I'm not sure we're GONNA agree on everything but it should be a stimulating conversation and I'm hoping that we all can open on minds. And accept some of this stuff without really getting you know our into a half about it because they think political discourse and ideas on faith and politics need to have some kind of suitability to and I. Think we've lost that a Latin America please without further ado about and I hope I get to get his name right because you know me I am not. Good with as name pronounciation but I'm GonNa do my best please open ears and open your minds and help me welcome in Andrew J Shatkin. Ended I, get your name right you got my name. Shatkin. It's right and I'm very pleased and happy to be guest on your show because from what you tell me about your person who's not willing. To accept listen to other points of view. I'm more than willing to.



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Accept in to other points of view and and kind of conscious listen to them. But put them through the filter my own mind, retract them I I think what happens and what I'm seeing more and more with political opinion people really do not think for themselves they take their being fed from. Whatever source it is and regurgitate those words and to me in my way of thinking where it's what they're important to put it into your own, which means you felt it through your own thoughts and made sure that it matches your values and principles, and I think that's a lot So so just start by giving us your background and your perspective you know a macro degree and not practicing right now I run to radio shows a pot costco and had blocked talk radio show they do have they questioned orientational and I've written a number of blogs and books five books five ten books. And the books are illegal books call select legal topics by one two. And I also three Christian or religious books. Called essays on the Christian worldview and others as as faith culture politics philosophy, and a book on the powerballs. And I I'm I'm working on other books on the Psalms and miracles in the Bible in Zang's with Christ. that is where I'm coming from. I have a law degree as I said, I have to international law certificates from Holland in France. And I have been in your national matters. And I also have a degree from Princeton seminary and in the past I have right now I'm doing I have functions Lutheran Pastor. I take very seriously. At. The Lot I take very seriously. Mike Christian commitment I really do. Is Not something that I wished to adopt a right or left political position. That is not my aim. First of all I aimed hopefully, as you said, correctly said you wanNA think about it. Senator the filters your mind. And test it's validity actually. You're right. You're absolutely right. And also habit is today in today's world I, don't want to say something to controversial. Were GonNA. Get Somebody? Mad. for. For our idea college student by the way, I've had several wonderful. Muslim guests on the PODCAST, a novelist and a scientist. Some fantastic. I'm not prejudiced I'm not you know. And so I welcome everybody and I say this that inserting respects. the I'm conservative as I run it through the filter by Christian. Values, and for example, one particular concern I have is Jesus Concern for poverty and poor people. I mean. So I'm not going to be conservative and I respect and I also have come to a tentative conclusion nine. Absolute. That if they were to be a Christian society, maybe maybe I'm not saying that I believe in socialism I own. I I don't think it works very well. It's been proved to work well at all anywhere. But I said, they said, if they were to be a Christian society, the model might be closer to socialism. To redistribution the. Thing into. You, know my take on it than I. You know we get caught up in more socialism communism Marxism and took they're all the same thing. But the the idea of I think the biggest problem is we put too much fear on of fear and fear is the fear of socialism often communism I think, Vietnam War taught us one thing that communism of left on his own devices will fail pretty quickly in capitalism takes over, right? Oh pretty quick. True Right, so we fought a war afraid of this boogie man that was gonNA destroy itself if we just let it be. And so I, I don't think socialism because his lack of incentive for people. It doesn't result in economic. Prosperity. It. Fails. Right. Fails under its own weight though we don't accept. that. Point I, see I spend a Lotta time being afraid that, oh, it's going to spread to us and basically we fought Vietnam Vietnam fell to communism. It was going to spread throughout the world it fell to communism and was in four years. That was a lie. The Vietnam War was a civil war to reunite the country and nothing to do with communism. We set up this puppet government in South Vietnam and Ho Tsim in outlook now. Fan. Human Oregon. Museum not particularly, but that was a civil war.



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It was manufactured into a communist issue. and. Men Won't didn't start out as the communist communism wasn't his main goal his he was a call. You know he was a Fan Thomas Jefferson he will. For independence more than anything he wanted to right. Yeah, he was. He wanted to reunite the country right right and so I. appreciate that idea you know sovereignty and battle. Let us solve issues I. appreciate that attitude Dishonesty of conservative being kind of A. You know a lot of people who call themselves conservatives are not very conservative talk a big government when I talk about you know intervention and stuff like that government intervention and all his stuff it seemed like they more for big government Gong themselves conservative and they call. It call the liberal for for trying to get that out. It's true. While the government let's let me put this way. You correct me if I'm wrong 'cause I'm always willing to be corrected day the truth now live math or domineering person but I say this that the government. The issue is not big government. The issue is big business. These. Are The people calling the shots. I think. I think you. Hit it right on and there are this much influence from people who aren't government or part of. Outside influences trying to by the government L. by politicians and. Them Big Business calls the shots so they can the government. Do. Absolutely. Do and I think that that part of the problem I mean what and I also think there's just way too much money spent on on Bohol two party system advertising and all that stuff we donate so much money that gets wasted on you know I don't even like on election stuff that it's just. So nobody's GONNA change their mind over a lawn line, but they spend millions of dollars on all these won- songs that they put out there if I see. Biden I'm not going to drive by and say, Oh there's a lawn sign now I have to have to change my mind in both Joe. Biden and so I think we waste so much money every four years on and every year even but. Every four years with the presidential cycle especially, just wasting money in every time. So. I I'm more of a a hopefully i. hope they're you know they'll be inclusion for. More, than two parties in the future but I. Really I I should say I want that but I'm not hopeful for it. I'm not optimistic about the two party system has got US trapped in this either or of the worst the west of eat a lesser of two evils type of mindset where. Nobody's ever like trying to run on their own merits try and run against the other guys you know bad record. Yeah, Sure I. Am Very Interested in the parables of Jesus at your out though. That you liked it. Yeah, it's a fast because you know. I you my experience look bad a year ago. It was on the Internet listening to a lot of Christian ministers and basically every single one of them on Youtube Youtube, ministers They tell me I got going to hell and I'm like I Jesus ever told me I was going to hell. He talked about my way to salvation. You didn't say condemning and I think that's an anti Christian thanks and and I think part of this idea of freethinking and it Kinda look at. Jesus from your own mind without having somebody to tell you what he meant by some. So I appreciate your African analyzing Abbas because they can be confusing to people. But at some point too I think there's there's the are we are we treading water where we encourage people not to think themselves a new thinking for them? Well. Let me let me talk about I. Agree with you about the issue of health. Jesus Cave message of mercy love and forgiveness, and to tell people how to I suppose. By means of faith, go to heaven were. Essentially that was his message, but he does it's unfortunate. It's something I wished I. Don't think should be emphasized. Mutt I mean, he did mentioned Helen Number Times for example, in the powerball of the rich penalize versus. Where the rich man ignores the in the parable ignores the plight of the poor man setting at his table throws dance crumbs ignores him and Jesus says, well, he ends up in torment and the the poor man ends up in heaven there are other he mentioned it a number of times.



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It's it is unfortunately and it's not something that look main thing is when people talk about hell they're talking about sending other people to hell right they. They don't really face the fact that it might be them. Right nothing else hell. Are they right? Now I've never heard anybody say that you know accept me I I i. You know when I You know when I when people ask about do I stand in judgment of whatever. that. They come on about it and you know a lot of things that. Maybe I might not agree with if I think they're going to hell in my my response is I. Think we're all going to hell a how you pay for you to it's the first. issue. Right. I sit and I say that in in a very comical way meaning, we're all sinners and and however you figure out your way out of it is to you I'm not your. My, my wife had a she's a devout Christian total different perspective on this that it's our job to help people out of that but I gotta work on me by point, right? And your hands out about other people. Out About Hitler's styling unfortunately in the message if it exists and even know if there's a place called hell or anybody's GonNa go there I, wouldn't know but I can say this much it is not about other people it's about us. My right and. So I said. I know you're not a marriage counselor. So but this idea between me, my wife, she believes that as a Christian, my my duty is to become an evangelist and bring people to the faith is, is that I am I required? Do that in your view does he does say in in the New Testament Jesus says that. He apparently in the Great Commission he tells the disciples to. Proclaim here, there is a command I don't think everybody has to do it. But it certainly command to proclaim the. Gospel. Yes, he. That, I would agree to but the the. I think it comes down to trying to convince somebody else that. You can't take rich skin. Yes To bombard somebody with your faith you. Love and consideration. If you WanNa talk I will personally I wouldn't discuss with anybody enlisted Permission on subject right exactly. I. I, agree with you on that but I think a lot of mainstream Christianity or what what passes for telescreen and youtube she hannity try to force this idea that my job is to go knock on doors like some kind of Jehovah's Witnesses something and kind of force people to come to face and I think praying for them enough. Jesus say that we should. That, we have an obligation in this respect or at least there should be it's an emphasis and that's why on all over the world they're blasting the Christian. Message, you could be an average you can be in Brazil you can be in the United, states could be your best blasting everywhere. Right Okay I'm sorry I didn't mean right is blasting everywhere and that is. I think the the church not you as an individual the church has a duty in this respect yes. I. Think the Churches Function is for claim Jesus as Lord and Savior. Yes. When you say the territory talking about the holy Roman Catholic, Church No. It could be any kind of church could be the order Greek Orthodox Church I'm Lutheran when I speak of the Church and talking about the Christian community worldwide. Any particular church is if you WANNA think that church is the only church. Well, that's all right. Let's perspective. I love to pick your mind on that subject I more but I want to go back to the parable of just for sex. To when you you analysis and now and do an analysis on parables what do you use? Do you use the Bible as they Yes, I used the Bible I looked at commentaries I consulted books, and also I use my mind as gave an example of a one parable. There's another one that has a totally different view, the power of the Good Samaritan at a very important parable because Jesus says that Jesus was Jewish and the community was Jewish and yet he was in Palestine yet he said it was the Samaritan, a non Jewish person who was a good person who was the who was the person who help that injured man so he was really saying that a being a Christian is not a or Jewish.



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She's not a particular not to pick not limited to any particular group saying. That man that help that that that injured man. Man. Was a Christian or Jew were everyone say even though that society at that time you have to remember a Samaritan was an outcast and frankly he might be a homeless person today. would be the comparison I mean the the man who shaved might be a homeless person. Might, be a a white person. So. The issue that Jesus is specifically defined he was not concerned with race or ethnic background. He was concerned with that Samaritan that outcast of the Jewish community that outcast she said that man saved that injured person. He is the person to be respected Beth good thought because it opens on mind sue dealing with with people who are less fortunate. This could be the one who who, who changed my life around who face in some lame leads me back to where I'm supposed to be That's a that's a comforting thought. I. Want I want to show people I will put the links to all andrew stuff. He's got to websites in the Amazon site where all books are and Barnum global site whereas books on all those links will be the description. So if I don't show them here on screen, you'll know you can find them in the actually in the podcast notes section. So I just WanNa make sure that people are. Much Jesus was a very astute intelligent person. He realized that intellect and character are not limited to any particular group or anybody Gilbertson as I say he might say to you today he chose his his disciples fishermen tradesman. People might choose today might be truck drivers I know it could be. You use the word, the church before in. Jesus time was thought of as the temple because he was a Jew. But his quarrel was not so much with Jewish people. With Jewish church, the temple that was was up. And yeah the. Right and so the stories about the corruption within an how they were responsible for his persecution are what led to Modernday anti-semitism and the story, the story that get attributed to the Jews being responsible for Jesus crucifixion when really God with responsible for Jesus crucifixion in my mind because it was always part of the plan, right? It was part of the plan right now question it was the measor salvation but I'll say this he did not have an issue with the Jewish people he didn't. But as with any time you live in the issue is with power structures and he hit against the power structure in that society. And frankly, it led Yousef fiction. So so then because what we hear from people who are atheists or on the left often is that Jesus wouldn't be a political president but beezus was a political president Abedin way might be a communist today. He was absolutely a political person because he was against the. Emperor Rome and the Roman hierarchy that was taking over his. Yeah. He did have an issue had an issue with the heart. The I should say the issue Jesus had led to his problem like a happens everywhere you can go. If you bump. Up. against. Power. You can have a problem, right? You know and he he was a threat. Because of his thinking concerning underclass people. Concerning or people. Whatever. He. Was a threat to that society in his thinking and just I was said of him. One of the objections that people had, who's this man that each public into centers they couldn't understand why this guy is eating with. Lower class people that would be defined in our societies. Look less people I don't like that word particularly. You know it is what it is economic Yeah. It's a reality not happy about it.



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I, wish as I say that's why in some sense socialism is a good hazard. has its good points because it does try theoretically I don't think I, don't think it works well at all does it Why why do you think that is though I mean what is? The reason is because it doesn't provide people with an INSENT. To, to realize themselves their potential. Everybody wealth is redistributed. Everybody gets the job. Everybody's got nowhere to go. Yeah, the Capitalist System God does give people opportunities. That through and and so but I think most people on the left would argue that what they've seen from capitalism hasn't worked for the masses either and it's hard in a world where we keep seeing it's more separation between those that have and those that don't have, and that seems to be widening rather than filling up at middle. About it right. So so what what is your view on? How we we kind of I? Think there is a defect in a presence system in terms of wealth being concentrated few if your hands? Yes I think that wealthy people call the shots. All the opportunities they have the money. If you have money, you get into the big schools, the ad money you through access to those big chosen graduated from the you get the big jobs. It's all money in this society rights, but the middle class is getting squeezed out of the picture and I think they are an important part of the picture and and and and how do we address you know? Really building the middle class. Door can I just interrupt? I'll keep talking to you. Got Somebody, at the door ladies and gentlemen, this is the first time that's happened. But as I mentioned on a previous kids, this is kind of humorous to me that lately, the spam calls have been starting up again during the lockdown they kind of went away for a while and then I started getting him again recently and I been hoping. Hoping to get a a spam call during a podcast so I could put somebody on and I'm not talking about a robocall I'm talking about a scammer trying to. Twelve. I'm showing you. What was that? A Jehovah's Witness I? Don't know eye. Witnesses in my neighborhood all the time. Sure Right. They are. They are doing. What they think is the right thing for their nation I just thought it would be would be humorous with them to be nothing. About this time. Yeah. I see them in front across the street all the time. Until. We were talking about you know. The role of the. Elimination of the middle class or more that have the are separating from the have nots in leaving this hole in the middle it was always a part of building. America up and and. So. What what's your opinion on how to? There's some factors that have led to the ratification of the middle class and went Atlanta's I I stayed these factors I don't mean to down anybody or be critical or an racist and prejudiced. One factor is that there are a lot of factors. a lot of jobs have been outsourced to other countries. To China, the Mexico almost all the manufacturing jobs are gone. Right This means that an American to get a job is extremely difficult. Unions have been eliminated. Another factory unions protected people's jobs enabled people to enter the middle class to to make a living unions are gone. All jobs are no benefits no pension. Security that's another factor that people are constantly fired. These are all factors that have led to I think the middle class having great difficulty any itself. and. In fact, cause-and-effect effect. Do you think? It's hard to trace these things sometimes and figure out what is the cause and effect but I think more people are looking for a way to make a living that doesn't require work. Everybody everybody I know wants to be a life coach or a Internet entrepreneur or just doing something that really doesn't require any real work but they're looking for a a secret get rich quick type of and it seems that there's a lot more of that. So is it called causing effect that the middle class has gone away or attitude the part of the reason the middle class is going away I. Think you're right I think you're right people want look every in our society I don't think it's true.



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Really. Our society a cordial respect to white collar occupations right? It does I'm not saying they deserve it. Sitting in a desk and take phone calls are going to meetings doesn't make anything particularly as ending I mean. But that's the kind. That's the kind of job respected. And maybe for example, let me just put this in front of you. The entire college education system may really not be necessary. It there are many jobs, policemen, firemen. Chantey. Chaman. All kinds of jobs that don't require college need college. I think part of the problem where we went wrong forty fifty years ago as we try to make everybody think they had to go to college. And so basically, they went to college without knowing what they were going to college for. They'd start as a liberal arts major in hoping they would find some passion or purpose for re. Going to college didn't two years in and dropped out with all the stat and and it seemed to be a self perpetuating cycle where we keep telling people you got to go to college got to go to college not everybody I think we need less colleges and they should only be for people who know what they're going to college. What do you think about what I said that our society doesn't? I finish. True. It's not something I agree with does not respect blue collar work. Respect. To this kind of executives. That kind of people. You know if you talk about society's Hall I might think that that's true I think individuals when I see somebody who has a trade I respect that person greatly but I'm not sure as a whole as a society. We do. We kind of think of that as we put it in a box and you kind of an image of it while he's just a working class guy, a person is stupid. No, no I think everybody has some genius and I think no matter what you do. You have some genius than you and I think skilled tradesmen and people who really Ha- they've tapped into their special genius and kind of followed that talent. You don't need college for that. Absolutely. Not You're absolutely right. They don't need college, and if they did go to college, they'd be bringing up a lot of dead on themselves and handcuffing themselves for a good future because now they gotta, they gotta work extra hard to pay off this debt for something they should have never gotten involved in I also another factor that college comedian is. The college group. Of Teachers Administrators professors is entrenched bureaucracy and they do not want to give up those jobs. Absolutely. I think like anybody who once you get once you get in power, you don't want to give up anything and so if the and when I talk about power. Power over influencing minds is a is a great thing but it's also financial power that they created and tenure and Nobody wants to give. Up. Give up what they have. That's. Right. So you think college is not necessarily correct not for everybody. I think it's necessary for if you're going to be a doctor and you know what you WANNA do or you're a lawyer and you know what your reason for going to colleges yeah I think I our education is necessary for those people but it's not necessarily if you don't have any clue what you WanNa do with it and and you really don't have a reason to go to college other. Than you were told to and it's the American. Dream and that's the only way you're gonna get ahead in life and that board into that mess because that's not true. I know too many people spent two years the average now that I think is a year and a half in college before they drop out a new new. People that go to college I think that is a big part of our problem where where we are right now and all those people and. They all are. Taking, on debt that they don't have any way, let me put this crunchy i. know these these are concepts that are going to annoy a lot of people, those deans and those you know how much money they make like two, hundred, fifty, thousand dollars a year. Make a huge amount of money and frankly I said to you they may not be necessary, right? Yeah. Yeah. and a lot of cases they aren't I think we have too many colleges. If we think you know we downsized from college and put that money into infrastructure, we'd be a hell of a lot. ask. These colleges is a huge number them and the people working there doing extraordinarily well, right right they do very well, and then they get to write books and they get all sorts of expense accounts that that are. And stuff like that. They do. Yeah. Respect whether as I say I don't think.



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So you you made a good point that I don't think I don't like respect for a carpenter or a plumber. I. Don't accord them less respect and other people right I. Think what happens is images everything in celebrity and fame, and all this idea of of who you are and status symbol and all that kind of stuff and people get caught up in that. So when they see a guy who works behind a desk and has degrees on his wall and all that stuff, the image of that is the perception and so I and a guy wearing a uniform that has his name on it might not be afforded that same respect by the general public. But I think as individuals, we still respect of people when we see the work they do. Let me put this to you. I've said the asked many of my women fans this question. And I think it's true. A lot of times a single woman or a woman looking for marriage partner or for relationship they will be attracted by a guy who has a nice well dressed appearance with. Gregg. Yes. They will not be attracted by a garbage man with a stranger. Right I had an incident when I was young they kind of just jumped out my mind when I was. A. Prostate a young lady and kind of She said, she told me that she was I wasn't her type because she she said she thought I was very attractive and very good looking my youth thought imagine that now. Good. Looking well, whatever she says she said she thought I was attractive and good looking. But I wasn't her type she was a G. Q. Type and I actually liked the type and I was a blue-collar sh looking guy and I tell i. Put on a suit. Well Dry, she had the dress was important right right and and not just address, but the the manicuring and all that. Stuff you know not just having a good suit on but having a haircut that was fresh from three days ago in or you know just right every hair. Disagree with that Yeah I. You. Know. I think that just make you phony in my opinion if you spend too much time on your appearance is I think you're you know and I don't want I don't encourage people to be slogged. But if you spend way too much time, that's just vanity man and vanity in my in my view is is a negative trade you. Would not reject someone for some kind of relationship friend acquaintances. Just, because the close weren't so good I don't think I would I would think that way right that that is the essence of bigotry. Right there is you're looking at somebody in judging them by physical things and immaterial things and not even getting to know the person because right Right so you know. Doe. All these things are superficial in the long run they mean nothing to. Particularly I don't think so. People as me who who wanted I should have. They were relationship with me. What school did you go go to? Question. Absolutely I have to happen looked down upon in. The corporate world because I want to eastern new. Mexico. where? It. Can. You went to you went to a community college in other ways, right? Now man. A lot of people long gone and people that don't go to a top school. Yeah I. I, see that a lot in. People who went to a top school have that attitude? Yes. So somebody who went to Yale with look down on me and say, what was your degree from what? I agree with that. We're making a judge later that Sunday yeah and who knows you know not get a better education in Yale then you doing. Yeah I think it's up to the individual what you learn I've. Also you can learn on your own anybody can get a library card and learn as much as they want right wheel and I think that's that's also part of the problem. people don't WanNa read anymore and I say that with sponsors because we audiobooks dot com is a sponsor but I I think reading is becoming a lost and I know I talked to a publisher last week her job is putting out books so she disagreed with that booksellers lot. I said just because they're selling doesn't mean people read them I think some people buy books to put him on this jumps Can impress their friends and say I L I gotTA summarised. Let me get you your take on this. I I say this as being a critic, I'm not being bigoted or a racist whatever you WanNa term it but our educational system is failing people or young people.



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They they are frankly are no anything. mnay answering the dating meg revolution and they won't her you might ask data civil war. Right and I think they they they're responsible be why do I need to know that? Right, that's that's the response I get. That they don't know this of what are they learning? That's a good question because I'm I've been disconnected from the the school systems such a long time I have a nine year old grandson who the near but I've never questioned. I. Know I see him on his IPAD because you're not in school but he's with the teacher getting getting his lessons than I've had and I know that a lot of focus on this New Mass or whatever. They WANNA call forget what they call it these days but it's not it's it. They changed mass around light mass worked for us for. For Einstein and it went through so many generations, whites why change it now I don't understand why why new but beyond that I don't know what they teach you as far as history science literature things like that. English in. It. All. Yeah. So what is the curriculum? I don't maybe it's just social media maybe technology. Yeah that's probably a huge part of it. Your idea kind of thinking for the future world instead of the past world but you know to me history is is a guiding light. His history kind of is a lesson that is important to land because we know. We know what to do and what not to do by about bought by both points of learning from history. But I think if that gets ignored because we're always thinking you can't look at the past you always gotta look at the future that that's the wrong attitude to take to I. You know I don't know what the how to fix the school systems and at the tough social media I did not personal opinion. I know you could differ with it or anybody can say anything they want it is frying people's minds. It is creating a society where people are able to infer and think. Right Button they get what they want, right? Yeah. Well, that's the whole premise. Why I started this podcast really was to encourage freethinking encourage people think of themselves and when you talk about social media I, see a huge tendency for people to either re tweet on twitter somebody else's ideas and claim them as their own or copy and paste to on facebook or instagram. And that really angers me and I and I get when I bring it up I say you know what can you put this in your own words because I if not your opinion until you can put it into your own where people get angry with that because you require me to work now I why should I have to work? That's right. Of it they don't WanNA focus right. Also I think this issue of attention span person society the reason why people don't readers they are. They are not focused enough. On a long-term basis to read anything. Right and and I think you know I don't I'm not part of the presses, the enemy of the people kind of school. But I think cable TV news with its of feeding of people talking points and opinions encourages people not to think for themselves and you know what it's easier when somebody's just feeding yourself, why should I have to work for it? Why should I put any energy into? It s right. Yeah. I don't know what no matter what side you're whether you're on the right or the left you. You're hooked to your own people that agree with you so that they can afford force. Vera. Pin Force feed your your opinions and say go ahead now take this on the world and and act like at your opinion like you really thought about this for a while when. I say this the people if you slow down and actually put it into your own words, you might find there's something in there that you don't agree with because it doesn't line up with your values and principles. Once you start to put it into your words, you start to say, Hey, wait a minute. It's absolutely correct. Maybe I don't that doesn't line up with my values. Let me rethink about this because I got to put it in my own words. So I, that's exactly the purpose that I started this podcast what was to encourage? Eight. Yeah I shouldn't I personally I'm conservative I'm certain moral issues in one of the issues I'm I'm conservative onto the issue of abortion and. There you read my mind? You know very, well better than me the schools will not allow a pro-life position in the school system. Won't let it in I. Don't know why they won't get it in but my pro-life position is for different than what is popularized by politics oil. Tell me about I wanNA. Well I put this out 'em personally and me and my wife are support this. It's every Christian conservative who feels like abortion is wrong and I it's it really baby murder but I I don't WanNa put that and because I say it's baby minded I don't mean as intent or murderous intent on people believe in killing somebody and.



00:45:16 - 00:50:23


I agree with that but I don't think necessarily vague think that they they process it that way and I don't think they have murderous intent. But my what we put out there is a very Christian conservative did what we do, which is offer any girl who willing to listen to it the chance to have US raise your child don't have the abortion we'll pay for your medical expenses will raise your child will pay for everything everybody did that right? I think we'd have to legislate anything because I think we're you know we do it by opening their hearts and minds and saying you know what your child doesn't have to dive just because you made a bad decision let us take care for it. Let us and sometimes that might backfire on us and after two years and becoming attached to a child they might want to take their child back now and that would cause heartache for the child and the mother and whatever. But the idea behind it's far more. Christian. Than saying you're a villain is people saying your baby murderer because in their mind, it's not a baby and they truly believed that life. They they don't think it's a person now, right? Right. So I don't like villain ising the Albo who You why won't the school system let a pro life position in the inactive? You know very well, you can't be heard. Because I feel I believe that they think that at even expressing that opinion on letting that opinion be expressed means you're anti woman's rights and I think and I'm not saying that I think that's true. I think that's their position and that's their belief that if we let people can have different positions, you can be for women's rights and still have a moral concern ask. The the people who run this because the people who run the schools he administered Straits, and maybe academic left has as ingrained. This idea that if you are open to any idea of pro-life, you are against women's rights and they don't accept your premise that you can be pro women's rights and pro. G, what is an obvious moral issue, a higher percent moral issue on this on this matter they didn't even accepted. I think that that's it. Yes. I think they can't see it and and no matter of argument is going to change their mind because I've bogged for twenty five years at least with with people and there it's almost like. Closing, the mind to here to even considering the other side of the of the picture that and understanding and my. K. I came to this by working in pathology and I saw a lot of fetuses in a did so many autopsies on fetuses and young children but particularly fetuses and I saw a fetus that was six weeks old and said, that's a child on the table Santo. So a you know that got to me that people need to and I always recommend that when I hear the pro, the pro-abortion because I don't even WanNa call you know. antiabortion or whatever women's rights, pro rights, whatever polite smoke, whatever the to label to get. But people who are pro abortion I suggested going to a pathology lab and and look at these. Three say tell me that's not a child that's a lorry while the left dominates issue in the academic sector. INDIANA. Yes they. And and in the media and and and everywhere Yes. They they absolutely do and I think it's because You know again, they can't see that you can you compete for women's rights and and respect women and but they can't see that you can be that in also pro-life except. You're a Christian college professors so-called and thinkers. Anybody can see that there's room for day. Right anybody can see that. Yeah. So why do you think it is? I don't know I really don't know. Something it's a moral issue. I don't say that women's rights is not important and I don't tell you what we should be forced to have a baby I don't say that. But I do take that the issue should be discussed. And And heard. On what I just described namely, the pro life issue i. We're discussion. That's all. Even. Conservative. You know and I think the problem with a lot of conservatives who go to campuses they're preaching to the choir mostly and you will get a few people that come there too distracting and and but so say if somebody like Ben Shapiro, for instance, he goes to a campus to to feet and most of that audience will be conservative but the ones who are going to be have the loudest voices of people who are opposed to him and when he starts talking about abortion, they shot him down as being anti women and so and I.



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Pulled up a window eight. By technical issues folks. It's I. think if more active and tend to have a loud voice to kind of bully a prolife person. You know and I'm not sure the Ben Shapiro and I even agree on the best way to deal with being pro-life and and trying to bring more children into this world rather than exterminator before they get a chance I know we both want the same outcome but I think we both have the same modality for having to get that done. But I think just having been shouted down by the left in the louder day the more active they're younger and they have more energy for one thing. I think people. People under twenty five are far more. likely to be pro pro abortion pro choice. Propagandize into this by the left for years in the academic group. Right. They have that position because they have never been informed of any other possible position right. But even even when they do that they when they get through the young people, young people have more energy to be more active louder and more aggressive than older people are, and that's why when you go to these college campuses those they can be outnumbered in a conservative auditorium where it. To Speaker, it might be five hundred conservatives to one hundred. Liberals but those liberal young liberals was a lot of fire in their belly and they're gonNA be loud and aggressive and kind of shutdown. It's it's just the nature of being young and having that much more energy I. Think I saw I'm active in Pro pro-life at work and I went to a meeting in which there was a video of pro-life people that went to George Washington University and they got those women. So angry their signs said abortion is murder to send. Let me tell you that sign made them crazy screaming yelling. Saying all kinds of four letter words. These people well, because they take it out of the pack I would too. If you know, let's say I would. I don't believe and I'm I'm not saying this is my position believe me. I. Wonder if I don't believe that a fetus is a human being, and so I see somebody with that of sign saying that abortion is murder. I read that as calling me a murderer and when I'm not necessarily a murderer, I just have a different opinion on what really is a human being even though we can. So I think that that part of it is is. It. Again, the sign doesn't say your murder it says the active learning the term sin got them very very angle. Yeah. Well, that would. Worry. Made them crazy right well, if you don't believe in God then there is thing as Well. Trained to me how they were six genocides in the past hundred years you don't think there's anything such as sin well, know. I do believe in God I do believe in this, but I think atheists don't view it that way you. Have to figure out how the Hitler's Paul Aunts and the Russian revolution why they did the things they did. Bad they. Wanted to discuss it. Okay but. It was closed. I kind of agree on that I mean. It Hitler question is when I bring up to two people all the time. philosophically I don't think any of us are born evil I. Don't think there is A. World. Right. So What, what happened to? Hitler the that made him evil you know. How does how does the cultivate fat much evil into a child that? This is true of many incidents in the past hundred years. Pol Pot Rwanda right is a place as people are doing this to each other. When somebody says to me, there's no such thing, Stan. Well, they better look at the world is it is it's not my world they're talking about right that's. Yeah. I think the. The concept of thin means that you're going against God law and they don't believe in God. So I can't be going against God's law I'm going against human law. I then they are not acknowledging the significant problem in human nature, which to me is absolutely obvious. you know I I agree with with you know you kind of preaching to the choir here I'm just trying to at.



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and which is why I don't make the argument very well because I don't have that opinion I am absolutely of the opinion that is a real thing and that evil exists and there's some something that creates that within you human nature that we will be. I think it's part of all of us I do and I think it's something. We all have to be on guide for aren't. necessarily. you say something that in one of your blocks it I'm not I I've necessarily agree with. You, I, know it is thank you I appreciate that about you and I thank you for that. But I WANNA bring it up to you. So you can clarify your your stance you kind of equated euthanasia with abortion and I I would agree with that if The person being used in is. What it wasn't their decision but when it's their decision, it's not kind of the same on abortion because the child the fetus doesn't have any part in the decision. So I explain your position there on you. Of all I don't know who makes the decision about euthanasia. The person is too weak and too unconscious to even be able to do that. Probably. The person who makes it is some sort of a relative of some kind or maybe the doctor. But I just say for me euthanasia is is acquainted with the life issue because I'm just like it's the same thing as if a child who has down syndrome or is regarded or mentally challenged for me, those people don't lack value for me. I'm not prepared to abort them because they're mentally challenged that person still to me has valuation as a person are. As a matter of fact, met some of the nicest people I've ever met have been mentally challenged. Right, yeah, I is nice people. Yeah I. Agree I. Spend a lot of time with with those people. So I I have unique respect him on. Yeah. I actually played for Disobey Challenge Disability home last summer where when I was still performing before the Kobe Lockdown Hammond and they were a class of autistic children and children with down and and Yeah I do that a lot. But in this particular instance I brought up that I'm an ASS Burgers Kinda guy a guy in and that's a form of autism. So I'm like them and I did as a song for him that I wrote was Egged nobody else's like me which celebrates our uniqueness and all stuff and at the end of the show they all I group. Of seven kids half of them or so were autistic in half of the halfway down and had me in a group hug and we were all like a like a massive. A pool of tears happy tears and just a celebration of of being special and are special gifts. Oh, I completely concur with your assessment there and you know part of my life something I i. Oh I do because I think he can learn from them and again I come back to this idea that everybody has some genius in them even. Even Down Syndrome people in autistic. Children. They have something. I I as I say this I can't make a judgement on whether that person's life. Has a a lot that you at some point. I can't I don't know the maybe. In their mind that we don't even know there may be some great thoughts they're having. We don't even know we just don't know enough to do I. Don't think we know enough to do that right Inclusion station, their life should be ended. May Have. Value I agree. But the one case that I am very aware of that I that sticks in my mind most is a famous comedian mother was she had chronic emphysema she had lung cancer and she knew she was going to die but she was of sound mind and she made the decision that she wanted to go out and she hadn't been sober for thirty as she wanted to get drunk and take a bunch of pills and die and. In my view. She had that right to make that call I. It's not my it's not the law to tell us. She can't make that call and I I you know I may be garden would frown upon that. But I, I don't know I'm not note that holy of a position that's to really make that call for so and I think you know when we talk about big government I think I don't think government has the right to say that woman did not have a right to get drunk and take a bunch of pills essentially commit suicide. I'm not sure I can really I don't know the answer to that question, our F particular issue. At.



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First of all. all of us. You could argue that we all. Have the right to do many many things the fact that we have the right to do it does really decide the issue. That woman may have been making a mistake. Comme I've been making A. I think it's mistake to make that said. Again it's not I think if it were a child who was suffering in the parents had to make that decision for the Child I. think that's the same as abortion I. Don't think it's the same board same as abortion when the person who is affected affected by the person who's going to die is making that decision for themselves. I wouldn't make that decision but it. I don't feel like I. Have the right. Person has the right to commit suicide. I think. So I wouldn't against I'm totally against suicide and I tried to. Had people on and have more people coming on that are all about suicide prevention and how we kind of get a handle on this and and deal with it I'm not pro suicide but I I can't imagine why it should be against the law white should be illegal matter. It's a personal matter. I'm not sure I really have to think about what you're saying. Thank you. Ahead one because I don't know the answer. Because Then, by the same token, you could say you could say you could argue that If, you have a relative. That is ill, you have the right to kill that person. I wouldn't make that argument ever but you could you could argue that if you have the right to take your own life than you can take another person's life. Right. Will know because their their life belong to them in your life below. Now you're still they are to shepherd. Be which are being ended. And suppose that person who is ill ass you to kill them. I wouldn't do it personally I would not do it but I, would you know somebody else did it? Maybe they should be charged I. Don't know if they if they did it with short where I that's a tricky. conundrum but yes, I would think just because somebody asks you to kill them Like Kevorkian, he probably should have been charged in that because that's a assisted suicide rather than them taking their own lives. Yeah and and so with the with the case of my comedian friends mother She took her own life. It was high decision to take pills and get drunk since the end she hadn't been drunken in years now. You know the part about it. He actually helped her with with mixing the drinks for so I guess he's complicit in that but I think if somebody doesn't on. These informed this tape released depart he wrote a, he wrote a book about it and he talked about it and his standup back every single time he's out there and I. The shoot she died with the authorities informed. I don't think though. Do you think that if someone's life is being taken or ended the governor. I. I would call a p Yeah. Can He? He's an atheist she was an atheist and this was his mother who raised them to be an atheist and They didn't necessarily believe that what they were doing was wrong in any way and he believes she had absolutely had the right to do that. So and he was the only one who not the only one who are other people in who knew that she was doing this but essentially they. Didn't think it was wrong. So would they didn't call leave excited? I would've if you asked me what I would've said I would've tried to talk her out of it and I would have done everything. I can to try to prevent a suicide but at probably would have called the authorities if I was involved sure wasn't gonNA work I'm not stopping and go through with it but no, they weren't at the time. And he was prosecuted for it a wasn't no he's still don't exactly the wrote a book about it and it was best seller you told me. It's a very difficult question answer. You raise some very, very significant issues that are really have to give some thought to. I still think maintain the position that we don't exactly know. Enough about. Life itself. And thinking by. What we don't know enough to to quite grasp what may be what may be going on. Might absolutely and so yeah, you know what the disease could be been affecting thinking even though she appears. Of Sound Mind and body maybe she's not you know I.



01:05:05 - 01:10:01


Don't know I've been so sick where I wish I could die but you know part of that is the disease talking because I know I don't really WanNa die. You know it but there were just word you say so you never know when when that comes into effect to like, are you really serious about this or is it just that you're in so much pain that you just wanted to stop I get that and that's basically what suicide is when I talked to suicide experts it's not that they really want to die. They just want the pain to stop whatever emotional pain and all that stuff right Another had reached an age in her late eighties. She is sick for a while and I say this to confirm what you were saying. She said to me several times. When am I going to die? Because she felt her quality life, she was the kind of person she was a practical person. And for her perspective, their quality life was so poor. She wanted to know when she was going to die. Right and my my mother had the same exact experience and I will tell you this that went on for twenty years when she first got diagnosed with cancer in the sixties, she didn't WanNa, to have it operated on. Young. College Tattoo really explained to her that you're GONNA die watching television. This is going to be a very painful miserable desk. You Might WanNa rethink that you should have the surgery and she did but then for the next twenty years she spent A life's in you know I'm ready to die I'm ready to die just want this to be over with but when he finally came down to to the day or the week that you with dynasty was wondering why there were no doctors had a helper and and so in that state when is really there foyer she was she was not embracing the idea of death after twentieth saying I'm ready to die I'm ready to die I want this to be over. came. Down to the wake of it and she knew that this was really it. Why aren't the doctors treating me vote as she had pneumonia and she she had sue lung cancer and you know Written on wallet she was going to die and they figured you know at this point white treat pneumonia she's GonNa die peacefully but she wasn't dying peacefully she do she wanted treatment Well. The vacuum Iras we'll have to be real listen disrespect and pragmatic. The fact is everybody's GonNa die. At some point right now, that is not something that I'm not ready for. Because it's affected life. Right. Yes it that were really upset about it. Well Yeah I've known people who were and my best friend was I. Always said, he was never afraid of anything but on his deathbed, he said, I'm scanning what he scared. Me Sounds get a dying and it was a PM. I you know what? I didn't get a chance to ask McCarthy was gone pretty pretty soon after that but I believe it was because he felt like the unknown unknown of any felt like he was the center and decide the of Hell within the back of his mind like a you know he no no. Yeah he knew he was he wasn't a Christian and and he wasn't he wasn't religious about anything and wasn't necessarily. Even a theorist in in in a lot of ways but at the end of the day, the idea that. The things in the Bible could be true or enough to scare him to think anybody's going to the wrong. Heading in the wrong direction. But not enough not enough to say I am I'm giving my life to Christ not enough for that but enough. New a friend of a friend who got cancer. and. She had real difficult time for two years at the last moment. US Catholic Roman Catholic. She gave ask for a priest. I heard last moments of life. As and people do this. When atheist reaches that point she was an atheist they want to be sure sort of have a a A. Safety Valve Right. They're not sure what might happen. But she decided she'd have a priest giver less. Rice. Yeah except Christopher Hitchens. Hit however, you pronounce it. Christopher. Hitchens. about eight I. Think he did it just to spite. People who or believe it's just you know what? I'm going to be as belligerent about this is I can and I'm I'm not I'm going to put on a brave face but I think he probably had some fears about it too. But you never know you can't be in somebody's mind by maybe he definitely didn't repent his atheism at all right up to the moment of death at least not publicly he didn't know. Well like I said, a lot of eighty is sort of have second thoughts when the time comes, right? Yeah, I know. Most of them I would say, but there are some who would just did it.



01:10:02 - 01:15:00


And again I, think his motive with spike 'cause he was always he hated fist and he hated people who believe in looked at them at stupid and uninformed superstitious Morons Cape People, You know he had a lot of disdain for people who face and I think you carry that with them to the grand. I was she in academic? Yeah. She'll academics often. Dan they are sort of anti. Say all of them. As I've said to you, Christianity, is not welcome in the academic sector take. Right. That's another factor I'd like to know why is it one of the major religious systems in the world catering? Colleges, right. But in the same token they are. Defenders of other religions in some in some way. With is kind of puzzling like Y. Y Y of we making determinations on which religions are good and bad in a place it's supposed to be about freethinking and encouraging people to think for themselves you're making a determination that fifth religion is bad and this one is good or this one needs your tolerance and this one doesn't deserve any tolerance. It's a mind-boggling. Thank. The only way to get to that for me to get somebody from higher academic academia on and Kinda put them grill. It's of thing think. You and I could guess all day. Why? You know good to actually press the academic sector in the thirties were all. They always have been left wing historically for years, right? In the thirties and twenties, they were all communists. Right. That's Right. So we were kind of way overtime here we're like twelve minutes overtime. I appreciate your time and I love to have you back on because I. Think we're just again I. You know do you books are our stuff I wanna get into the Pablo like I definitely, GonNa Order that book and read that because the past. What? That's very nice you to say that. I it just the idea and it's that's a book. I've actually been looking looking around for for a while is somebody who did like a real intensive study of the parallels because I Was Curious to me why Jesus decided to teach in in the modality of parable and so you know it's I look forward to reading that You're you're the books as well. I will put them in the description for people to check out again, I know we have a very diverse crowd and I know at more than more than half of my audience is liberal I hope I hope they'll keep an open mind to this discussion that we have today at least consider some of the things that we talked about Christianity is not a liberal religion Jackson Jesus associated with the underclass He emphasizes concern for poverty he was he was a liberal. I. You know what? Here's the thing and closing up I kind of want to bring this point up to you because the Liberals when they can when they are. Criticizing somebody on the right in Po- politically. We'll bring that up that Jesus would have done this and Jesus. So they know that that idea that Jesus with kind of a liberal in his time and they bring it up it to argue with contempt but they don't accept necessary Christianity in the same sense that. I know it's just weird that they would bring that up as the argument. Well, Jesus wouldn't have done that Jesus would have done this and to support their their views but they don't see Christianity is necessarily having any woman. Did the demarcation point that they object kill he claimed to be God. Right he data something the liberal intelligence you are not happy with mark. Yeah well, you know what? I that's a natural reaction I think too. You know 'cause. So did Reverend Sun Moon claims to be God and a lot of. Somebody invited me to a couple of Sun Moon meetings. I wasn't comfortable with it. To, know what exactly is thinking? well, he he was God incarnate he. Yeah, he that was his position. Absolutely. Crazy and there was another one up in Washington state in the seventies I can't remember his name, but he too big complex that took over and was a really a financial front just guy making money. I bought a big track land in Washington state in the seventies and it was a seventies and eighties. It was a major major thing up there and that part of the country is is a weird place anyway. But he claimed to be God too. But he he was just a Charlotte and he would he had.



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Really believe it. He didn't believe it like moon believed it moon believed God. I wasn't happy going to those meetings. Comfortable with it. I. That he represented the things that I didn't agree with right and if he would've told me was God that would definitely kind of ways some hair up on the back of my neck like how dare you claim to be God? So I think that's where economic. Academia position from with Jesus so but who knows I'm not them? I'm a guy when podcast. Right. And yet she always, how often do you public? Block Talk Radio Show on five days a week at six thirty at eleven o'clock. Saturday Sunday also have a podcast which I about two three days we interview guess. Lovely lovely, and so the the addresses on a screen for for that, it's a Shatkin show dot com. That's right. And and again, all the links will be an inscription nice and easy for. Andrew I thank you for your time today and your insights. Really interesting talk. Yeah. I do too and I would love to have you back because don't I feel like we're just kind of scratching the surface here. Yeah. Well. That's Good yes. So so do I so thank you for coming in and have A. Great sent me a link. Okay. I will do thanks a lot. Bye. Bye. This episode is brought to you by put me in the story. Put me in the story creates personalized books for kids by taking bestselling children's picture books and well up characters and allowing you to create personalized books that make your child the star of the story alongside their favorite characters. Save twenty, five percent store wide when you click the link on mine dog TV Dot Com and use the code save twenty five. Where else sponsored by the lovely lovely Asia online stop for modern. And affordable women's clothing. Never before has dressing yourself been so easy. loveliest carefully curated selection of apparel accessories outerwear always on Chan, and always available at the best prices. Lovely, is dedicated to delivering high quality clothing to women that will make them look and feel their best. They believe every woman has the right to dress well, and shouldn't have to spend a lot to love how she looks. They make it easy to wear outfits. You love every day giving you the confidence to take on the world lovely dot com. Some fashion trends are now forty percents off dotting at five, ninety nine. Get an extra eighteen percent off when you click the link on mine dog TB, Dot Com, and use the code. J. F. T. Eighteen. We're also sponsored by Vapor DNA founded in two thousand thirteen vapor DNA is the premier online vape store offering an industry leading selection of electronic cigarettes, e e liquids, and accessory. They're friendly and knowledgeable customer service team is always ready to provide the best customer service experience to ensure you find what you're looking for. They guarantee their products to be one hundred percent genuine and at the lowest possible price. They're so confident in this election and customer service they offer their customers eight forty, five day refund. Take twenty percent when you click the link on mine dog PV Dot Com and use the Code Orion Q. Folks help you enjoyed that I hope didn't get pissed the liberals off too much I. Understand that you know sometimes we can have closed minds to other people's opinions I think it is important to have both sides at least Alaska articulate in express their opinions and Gif rooms were thought an open mindedness is all about I. Think the problem biggest problem in America right now is Dis- team mentality where I'm not GonNa, listen to your ideas. I'm GonNa shut you down close my mind to you because I've I've given this bought into this label of liberal conservative and this is my position. So if you're on the other side, I'm not even going to really listen to your ideas. Think it's important that we stay open mind again that's what this podcast is all about free thinking open-mindedness So I hope you got something program I. Hope You come back and tell your friends about it subscribe and Go to my Youtube Channel and Subscribe Dagger Remind Octavia. COM getting my mailing list there and questions or comments you can always email me at. At Mind, on TV DOT COM till this evening when my guest is going to be Jason Mendelson who is a cancer survivor who was faced with a really really scary prognosis and thought he was doomed and survivor disease, and is now an advocate for for people with disease helping them get the right mindset to overcome the challenge of a really really dreadful proxy self.



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That's eight PM tonight. I hope you join me until I met Apple. PODCASTS EXA coming in by. Damn Don't. Go to. Do. News that. A. In here about. My concern. Here I. Don. Back on. A. Bus. Trans Bay. Considered. Can. Okay. Pop.