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Amanda Quick: The Sex Trafficker's Wife

Episode Summary

About the Author Amanda Quick is an author, mother, wife, quantum energy healer, empowerment coach, speaker, and spiritual channel. She lives with her new husband, and her three boys, living a life full of freedom, adventure and love. Amanda has always loved working with people, solving complex puzzles, and helping others gain the tools they need to succeed. One of her dreams is to start a non-profit helping others who are fighting for custody from their abusers or their children’s abusers find safety in their current experience, and removing the financial barrier as a determinant of who wins and who looses. Today she runs a healing and coaching business where she supports those who have been through trauma, find safety and connection to themselves and the universe. Through her work she has opened up as a spiritual channel for new methodologies that combine quantum physics and spirituality bringing forward evolutionary ideas that work within the gravity of our consciousness to evolve and empower humanity. When she’s not writing or teaching, she’s playing with energy, gravity and magic, or out enjoying nature and going on adventures with her family, mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, and skiing. To learn more about Amanda and other ways to support her work visit

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