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Actor, filmmaker & Artist Jess Paul - Olivia's Day

Episode Summary

ess Paul is an American actor, producer & artist known for award-winning short “A Funny Man”, Revry.tv’s “Promenade” & 2014 Official Sundance Film Festival Selection, “The Immaculate Reception”. At 19, Jess self-produced the rock news webshow “Wrecked Radio News” which obtained Youtube Partnership, 3 million+ views & an international fanbase within its first 5 years. See her next as Myra in psychological thriller “Fang” and her dual roles in Austin Revolution FF winner “Galatea”. Olivia's Day: LOGLINE In this three-minute short film, a young woman visits the grave of a loved one over the course of a year, moving through the various stages of grief before finally reaching acceptance and finding peace. WRITER/DIRECTOR STATEMENT Making short films is a passion of mine and over the past several years I’ve written, produced and directed nine of them, including Fragile Storm, starring Lance Henriksen. While I also have several feature film projects in various stages, a small window of time has opened up, allowing me the opportunity to quickly make another short, which for me, is supremely exciting.

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